/auth/          [POST|DELETE] - db
    /token/         [GET|DELETE] - JWT
    /bearing/       [GET|DELETE] - JWT (longer time)

        /trust/ - update your pgp keys
        /avatar/ - png/jpeg avatar
        /profile/ - json dict profile strings
        /<user>/ - return user dict
            /avatar/ - return user image
            /trust/ - sign their key with yours
    /search/ - return key:value from a value search
        { type:["~"|"<"|">"|"=="], amount:int, offset: int, subset: "key", search: "string" }
        { meta:{offset:int,amount:int}, key: base64, value: { json } }
        /peers/ - /peer/ indexes, some meta searches
/peer/ - return idx
    /<hash>/ - current onion addresses
        /trust/ - pgp key chain
        /uptime/ - reputation
        /stake/ - stake proof blocks
/govt/ - return idx
    /<jurisdiction>/ - return active vote/user blocks (signed by jurisdiction)
        /validated/ - issues signed on by consensus (multiple winners)
        /ordered/ - distributed block (data secure)
        /unordered/ - idx proposed issues
        /denied/ - idx of issues denied entrance
        /<issueid>/ - return an issue signature
/vote/ - return idx
    /<hash>/ - genesis block
        /validated/ - idx of asserted
        /ordered/ - idx of consensus-ordered
        /unordered/ - idx of proposed blocks
        /open/ - idx of voters who have not voted
        /<blockid>/ - return a block and its contents





Heartbeat tokens for faster endpoints URL: /api/token/ Format: GET/DELETE Data: Results:


Oauth token for longer storage URL: /api/bearing/ Format: GET/DELETE


Data queries URL: /api/search/:type?offset=0?limit=0 Format: GET Data: {term:"",author:""} Results: